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Dar jameel

Dar Jameel

Dar in Tangier - Room: 10 - Category: Traditional

Dar Jameel is 10 minutes walk from the Port of Tangier and the town beach. The new town is 15 minutes walk away, with Ibn Battouta Airport 11 km away. Dar Jemeel is a traditionally decorated and renovated riad located on the edge of Tangiers’f. The classic layout of an open inner courtyard, with rooms leading off from it and tiered balconies, is all inlaid with Arabic mosaic and tiles in many colours and patterns. Add to this the hand-carved wooden furniture and traditional artefacts, and you have an authentic and peaceful residence. Accommodation at Dar Jameel (meaning the House of Beauty and Grace) is either a standard room (with separate private or shared bathroom) or suite. Either option has intricate and elaborate decoration and furniture. The hotel also provides a large salon, a dining room/library, a large terrace and penthouse relaxation room with stunning views of the medina, the bay of Tangier and Spain beyond. g... +More

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